GSoC’21 Wikimedia Foundation 💖

The offboarding:

Project Summary :

Since we all know that testing of software is important since it discovers defects/bugs before the delivery to the client, which guarantees the quality of the software. It makes the software more reliable and easy to use. Thoroughly tested software ensures reliable and high-performance software operation. …

The coding continues👨‍💻:

So yes ! The past week was not so productive as I was expecting, I found myself struggling over some of the hard repositories that are already mentioned in my previous blog. But the positive thing is I finally started working on the extensions : CirrusSearch which was considered as the most critical repositories due to its local environment setup. Also to be in flow I created some more patches regarding T283597.

Here is the current status of the task:

  1. CirrusSearch (Patch created for v6) => v7 remaining
  2. Popups (Blocked for a while) refer: T286846
  3. Echo (Blocked for a while) refer : T271281
  4. wikibaseLexeme(Blocked for a while)
  5. portals/deploy (patch not created yet)

The coding continues👨‍💻:

At this stage, I am glad to announce that I had passed my first Evaluation as well as my task status is also above 75% now, which was in the range of 60% earlier. And trust me, getting positive response in GSoC evaluation from mentors really boosts you.

So lets have a look at the remaining work:

Here is the list of remaining repositories:

  1. WikibaseLexeme(Bug)
  2. CirrusSearch(v5)
  3. wikimedia/portals/deploy(v5)
  4. Popups (Bug Reported)

The coding continues👨‍💻:

So finally I am glad to announce that I am above 60% progress mark in my upgradation process for webdriverIO, and that is how the 4th week ends.

The remaining task is now consists of some exceptional and Group-c repositories such CirrusSearch😐 and of wikibase, this repositories are considered to be the most challenging one. And as I know that “Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destination”, So yes! there is always something new to learn in difficult tasks.

List of remaining repositories:

  1. Wikibase
  2. WikibaseLexeme
  3. CirrusSearch
  4. wikimedia/portals/deploy
  5. wmde/wdio-wikibase
  6. wikibase/termbox
  7. wikibaseMediaInfo
Google Summer of Code 2021

Hey Folks! This is Sahil Grewal , I am full stack developer currently undergraduate at Parul Institute Of Technology, Gujarat , India. I am glad to announce that I will be working with Wikimedia foundation this summer under Google summer of code program.

The Announcement:


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